We're a team built on affinity, business, and coffee.

We, the board of directors of Amazon Publishing Spot , realized early on that we could do much more by combining our talents and efforts than by continuing down our professional tracks.

The director of SBM is an artist. He's worked with practically every visual medium imaginable, from monumental oils to classical Greek statues to the ornamentation of Russian castles.

We're Artists & Business Owners

Who Think Books Have the Power Change The World

Turning Readers Away

If your present website (or lack thereof) isn't professional, well-designed, and offers a clear user journey, you're already losing readers and book purchases.

Wasted Writing Energy

If people interested in reading your work have a bad picture of you when they research you online, all your hard work will be useless.

Lost Publicity Opportunity

You can lose out on opportunities with publishers, promoters, and media scouts because your website seems unprofessional.

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