How Do We Distinguish Our Article Writing Services?

Amazon Publishing Spot is one of the world's largest and most seasoned content marketing companies. Our expert article writing service has been fine-tuned throughout time to meet better the evolving needs of our clients and the standards of search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing.

Each high-quality post is crafted using the most up-to-date SEO practices and data-driven research to:

  • • Boost your visibility in search engines.
  • • Raise the profile of your company.
  • • Encourage repeat visits from your site's visitors.
  • • Find us some good leads.
  • • Help with your online advertising efforts.

Our writers can craft pieces consistent with your overall vision and message by mastering the subtleties of your brand's style requirements. The editorial staff at Amazon Publishing Spot encompasses highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in a wide range of fields.

We can tailor our writing to whatever demographic you specify. The scope of any field, market, audience, or topic is within the grasp of our skilled authors.

Amazon Publishing Spot 's Method for Writing Effective Articles

Market studies and analyses of search engine rankings are major influences on our content development process.

You and a content marketing strategist work together to develop a precise plan for using content to achieve your unique business objectives. We'll need to conduct keyword research, talk with your team, and examine market trends to zero in on search queries that show strong user intent and are a good fit for your products and services.

For each term, our in-house specialists draft a Search Performance Brief (SPB) that details relevant topics for discussion, related search phrases, optimum content lengths and headlines, and landing pages to connect to. Every opportunity we have, we tweak each article's SEO to boost its visibility in search engines and increase readership.
Your expert writer will use SPBs to craft enchanting material for your target demographic.

Your expert writer will use SPBs as the framework to create engaging material tailored to your target demographic.

Professional article ghostwriter at Amazon Publishing Spot will interview Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and do industry research to create material that is up to your brand's requirements.

All of our work undergoes rigorous internal quality assurance testing, including review by numerous editors and project managers, to catch and correct any mistakes and to check for any plagiarism. Before reaching you, articles undergo extensive editing and proofreading.

Our staff will edit and rewrite content in response to client comments until it meets your standards. We won't release anything until you're 100% satisfied with it.

When it comes to SEO, our article writing service is unparalleled in both quality and effectiveness.

Our Article Writing Options

Online, you can publish your writing to a wide variety of audiences. Our professional article-writing service provides a wide range of tools for producing and disseminating high-quality articles:

Blog Posts

You need to publish new posts frequently to keep your blog's readers interested, engaged, and returning for more of the same high-quality content you've come to expect from them. A devoted blog writer will work with you to learn about your brand's voice and values, your industry's top priorities, and the best practices for creating SEO content for your site to bolster your content marketing efforts.

Guest Posts

Users can access the Internet but may not always visit your website. You can reach people where they already are by publishing guest essays in authoritative blogs, magazines, and news outlets in your field. Creating unique material for various online venues, such as guest blogging, allows you to reach a wider audience and make yourself as an industry expert.

Website Content

Your website's content should function independently of your blog posts. Keeping user experience and search engine optimization in mind, your writer can develop engaging copy for your product landing pages, informative copy for your about and mission/values pages, and straightforward, businesslike material for your leadership pages.

LinkedIn Articles

Branded content isn't limited to your blog's confines. By publishing articles on LinkedIn, you can establish yourself as an industry expert and increase your company's credibility and visibility. Your ghostwriter may also be able to create material just for LinkedIn, allowing you to reach a professional audience with industry updates, thoughts, recommendations, and opinions.

Press Releases

When major changes occur within a company, such as introducing a new product, appointing new leadership, or announcing a merger or acquisition, press releases become indispensable tools for the brand's internal and external communications. With the help of our content distribution services, our talented writers can have your press release sent via PR news-wire and other platforms.

Micro Content

Writing for microcontent doesn't always include producing lengthy, in-depth pieces. Ad text and product descriptions are just two examples of the "micro-content" each expert editorial staff member can easily create. Posts generated by our social media management service are concise, engaging, and written in a professional tone, perfect for sharing on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Custom ghostwriting and editing for Your Audience

To keep your intended readers interested, our staff meticulously creates each stage of the content creation process. Our production teams, project managers, and content marketing strategists begin with an in-depth examination of your business, market, rivals, and clients to formulate an action plan for:

  • Identify your most prospective leads and write digital pieces that resonate with them.
  • Take into account the intent of the searcher.
  • Get possible buyers into your sales pipeline.
  • Foster patronage of your company in the hopes of securing a sale at some point.
  • Help with your online advertising efforts.

When writing for any audience, our expert writers take into account several criteria:

Style and Tone

Amazon Publishing Spot can help whether you currently have a brand style guide or need assistance finding the proper voice for your business.

Our blog writers may seamlessly include a variety of writing styles in their work. We can modify the tone and vocabulary of articles to appeal to specific subsets of our audience based on their demographics and the profiles of our ideal customers.
Amazon Publishing Spot can help whether you currently have a brand style guide or need assistance finding the proper voice for your business.
Our blog writers may seamlessly include a variety of writing styles in their work. We can modify the tone and vocabulary of articles to appeal to specific subsets of our audience based on their demographics and the profiles of our ideal customers.

Choosing a Subject

To generate article ideas that will resonate with your readers, our content writers employ a wide range of tools and resources:

  • Studying the Market.
  • Taking a look at the competition.
  • The latest social media fads.
  • Latest updates in the news.
  • Problems that customers have.
  • Classical ideas or themes.

We do extensive background research on every issue to ensure that the people most interested in our content read it.

Goals of Content

Each blog post contributes to a comprehensive online advertising campaign. Therefore, your article writer will craft each piece of content with a specific goal.

Use the guidance of our expert article writing service to focus your work. Each article is tailor-made to achieve a certain objective, such as raising your site's search engine rankings, attracting more visitors, spreading the word about some particularly useful material, introducing a new product or service, generating buzz on social media, and so on.

Your content strategist will keep tabs on how well various blog posts and website pages are performing so that they may adjust your approach as needed. Each blog post's success in promoting your brand will be detailed during monthly reporting calls.

Take your book to the next level with our help

We'll turn your thoughts into a carefully crafted and critically acclaimed book

Should I Hire an Article Ghostwriter?

Of course, a content marketing agency isn't your only option for outsourcing article writing services. As far as your budget is concerned, you can either hire an in-house writer to do the job or outsource it to a freelancer.

While there are certain drawbacks to using an SEO article writing service, the advantages greatly exceed them:


Professional writers who are committed to your company and experts in their field.

A comprehensive approach to content planning ensures all articles serve your business objectives.

Thorough topic and audience research ensure that each post is relevant to your readers.

Strict quality control procedures produce clear content that accurately represents your brand and message.

Agency writers have spent years working in several sectors, gaining great subject matter expertise.

Expert writers can provide article rewriting services to help transform existing site material into SEO-rich works that attract more organic traffic and improve search ranking.

Aside from copywriting, full-service businesses include design, video, social media, site development, marketing strategy, and SEO assistance.

Content writing services are typically significantly less expensive than hiring an in-house editorial team.


Working closely with your internal stakeholders is a benefit of in-house teams. We take pleasure in our response. Our strategists, project managers, and professional writers work with you as if they were an extension of your team.

Although in-house teams are already well acquainted with your brand's target audience, messaging, and style requirements, agency writers take the time to become brand experts in their own right.

Using freelancers may be a more cost-effective choice. However, they may not understand your brand, audience, or industry well enough to produce content that matches your requirements regularly.

In most cases, the benefits of working with a content marketing agency far outweigh building a dedicated internal team or handing assignments to unvetted freelancers.

Amazon Publishing Spot ’s article writing services deliver more than just quality content. Everything we produce is in support of a broader content marketing strategy. Our teams routinely measure and analyze article performance, and continually refine content to draw more traffic, increase search visibility, produce qualified leads and, ultimately, generate more revenue.

We’re helping our clients meet and exceed their commercial goals, one article at a time.

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